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Panic Attack Help and Anxiety Attack Help
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Panic Attack Help and Treatment

Key Steps to PAHT (Panic Attack Help and Treatment)

When looking for Panic Attack Help or Help with Panic Attacks I would first recommend becoming as AWARE as possible in what is actually triggering your panic attacks.

To become aware is to be mindful and attentive while remaining in a calm, alert state of circumstances and events leading up to our Panic Attack.  Take a deep breath first to remain calm and consider. This isn’t always that simple.  However, there are a variety of natural remedies for panic attacks and methods that we can use in order to achieve this awareness.

Resources to Reduce and Calm Panic Attacks

Panic Away:  Immediate and Long Term Panic Attack Help and Relief

I have to mention Barry McDonagh’s, “Panic Away” system first.  If you really want to eliminate Panic and Anxiety from the root than I would grab this.  Not only do his methods offer immediate relief, but provide a simple yet amazingly effective technique to cut off Panic for good.  With his 21-7 method, the moment you sense any sort of fear or panic is the same second you can shut down the anxiety, and enjoy a new calm and peaceful state of mind.

Stop the panic loop, anxiety, fear and frustration now and try this: Click Here!

Panic Attack and Anxiety Relief 10-Page Worksheet

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[sociallocker]Panic Attack and Anxiety Relief Worksheet


Tips and Tricks for Panic and Anxiety Relief!

Become AWARE

What is AWARE?  Aside from being generally mindful and conscious of the feeling you can split this acronym up into memorable and actionable steps to counter the onset of Panic for when you really need Panic Attack Help!

Become Aware - Natural Remedies for Panic Attack Help

A – Accept and Acknowledge:

Rather than ignoring the issue, acknowledge the reality of it.  Simply accept that you are afraid.  Do not try and fight it or force it to go away.  Don’t try to distract yourself or tell yourself to think about something else.  Often all of this will only enforce and strengthen the thoughts. Rather calmly be present with it and accept that it is occurring.

W – Watch and Wait:  

With the onset of a Panic Attack, your mind usually goes into a fight or flee response.  Instead – Wait, and Watch.  Wait for symptoms to die down.  Don’t try to do anything necessarily, just wait. In a sense trying to get in there and stop the panic attack is kind of only enforcing it. By waiting you sort of diminish the power of the anxiety and fear caused by it.

Now, as often we do in meditation – Watch or Observe the thoughts.  Take a calm, detached approach and simply observe the anxious thoughts while you wait.  Another thing you could do is actually write the thoughts down on paper in a journal or diary specifically for this purpose.  A special note if your in an active situation, you would calmly wait and watch in your head, while also remaining attentive to what you are doing.  Especially in dangerous situations – like driving a car – continue to do what you are doing.

A – Actionable:

 Now we want to apply some actionable items that can help bring the panic down to nullifying or much more tolerable levels.

Deep Meditative Breathing 

Breathe in slowly deep through your nose to the bottom of your stomach in rythmic timed breaths.  You can find more detail and a great article on this here: Rythmic Breathing Patterns and Stress Relief.

Tense, Tighten and Release

This is a technique often used in conjunction with deep breathing to become more thoroughly relaxed throughout the body.  So release some of that tension and fear by tightening up your whole body or single parts by themselves.  Make yourself uncomfortable by tensing and tightening.  Now along with your breaths release all tension, and focus on your body becoming more and more relaxed with each breath.

Be Present 

Whatever your doing, go back to that.  When in a state of Panic or Anxiety we are not in the present moment.  We are either ruminating about a fear of something that has not yet happened, or of how something happened not as we hoped for in the past.  If we are present we are more fully engaged in what we are doing – riding a bike, talking with someone, writing a paper, etc.. Go back to and apply your focus on whatever it is you are doing.

Positive Self Talk 

You can remind yourself that it’s okay to be afraid, or ask ‘Is this really danger or just a discomfort?”  You could even embrace it, in a gung-ho, fun like fashion and say, ‘Let’s do it! Let’s have this attack’ while you tell yourself it’s an excellent change to practice some of your mindfulness techniques.

 R – Repeatable: (Optional)

There are times where the Panic Attack may come back, or strike another moment of anxiety.  Not to fear, simply remind yourself that it’s okay to repeat the process and return your mind and body to Calm.  

E – Breathe and Let Go: 

Take a final breath and let it go.  Remember, all Panic Attacks will end.  This is a simple reminder that we don’t need to try and force that.  Simply be present and aware of it – calmly waiting for it to subside into peace.

Effective and Natural Remedies for Panic Attacks

Hope these steps help aid you in relieving your next panic attack.  Remember to to definitely check out Panic Away especially if you have frequent or longer term bouts with Panic.  To really get that Panic Attack Help with you need and return to peace and calm!

Have a Natural Remedy for Panic Attacks that has worked well for you? If so, please leave a comment below and share.  = )


Panic Away - How to Stop a Panic Attack

Panic Away – Panic Attack Help

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