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Erasing OCD - Alternative options to OCD Treatment Centers
Erasing OCD - Alternative options to OCD Treatment Centers

OCD Treatment Centers – OCD Options for Relief

OCD treatment centers are littered all around the world. It can be difficult to determine what to look for when picking an OCD treatment center. There is quite the mix of both good and bad centers. I have spoken with many people personally who have gone to these places and I can tell you only what they told me. They only got to see the doctors a few times if at all and they were immediately put on medication. Don’t get me wrong, there are a number of centers that offer a range of techniques, but we should be aware when deciding to go to one or not.  I know that there are facilities that do exposure therapy, flooding and other techniques that work for some. However, in reality, you don’t need to do these things in order to defeat your OCD.  There is a better way.

Of course, picking the right OCD treatment centers can be instrumental in aiding you in recovery.  Unfortunately, many of them may cost upwards of $18,000 or more for treatment.  If you are fairly better off financially and your OCD is extreme, then this may be the way to go.  However, a number of people that have attended these facilities did not find complete relief and as far as I’m concerned, it’s not really worth that kind of money if you are not completely cured, don’t you agree? I beat OCD without paying thousands of dollars, but you might say I did it the hard way.

If you want to avoid OCD treatment centers and do what I did to beat OCD, you’ll need to spend about 5 years doing research, reading books from various fields of life and then putting together a program piece by piece. Then you’ll need to spend another five years testing on people all around the world to make sure that it is effective and that you don’t have any damaging information in your program. There, of course, are better ways that you’ll soon discover I’m sure. I truly admire the people in this world who have beaten their OCD and because of that admiration, I did it too!

Now, if you are determined to go to one of these OCD treatment centers, I’d urge you to not expect to be totally cured. I don’t want you to get all down because you didn’t beat OCD in a couple of weeks. It takes time and I always talk about beating OCD by performing and completing weekly goals. If you stick to a regimen that teaches you the right steps according to the specific OCD type that you have, you’ll beat it in time. So to answer the question that I posed in the beginning, overall I’d have to say that OCD treatment centers can be effective but are not worth the cost. Particularly with the many other systems that are available out there.

Finally, OCD treatment centers, in my opinion, are for people who are looking for a quick fix. There are people who simply reject anything else except this kind of treatment. In their case I believe some treatment is better than no treatment. However, it’s really ignorant to ONLY think you can cure OCD at one of these places. There are thousands of us all around the world that beat OCD without ever needing to go to an OCD treatment center, you don’t have to go either.

OCD Treatment Centers Cost – Some Tips to Afford the Cost of OCD Treatment

Lacking the necessary funds to finance a much needed OCD treatment is by far more difficult than convincing an OCD sufferer that he or she needs the treatment. However, it should not be the reason why a treatment is not undertaken. If money is the issue, an OCD sufferer or relatives of an OCD sufferer can always find means to finance or reduce the cost of the treatment. Here are some ways to afford the cost of OCD treatment now:


An OCD sufferer’s health insurance can actually cover the expenses incurred by the treatment. If the OCD sufferer is a student, he or she should have a student health care insurance. Application to such may be done in the school clinic, Student’s affair office or counseling center of the school he or she is attending. Authorities might collect certain information in order to find out how much assistance is needed and how much the school can give. If the OCD sufferer is working, he or should have a health insurance as required by the company he or she is working too. Moreover, there are many cases when the school or the company the OCD sufferer belongs to also have trained psychologists who can offer Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Another option is to visit a veteran’s hospital if the patient in question is a military veteran. Such hospitals sure house mental health services which have well-trained psychotherapists who can facilitate Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for you.

All that you have to remember, though, there are many public welfare services as well which you can tap, services such as the Social Security and other government agencies which offer health insurances at a low cost. Just don’t forget to always ask about the services covered by all these health insurance plans and the percentage of the expense that it covers in order to make sure that you are making the most out of the deal.

Sliding Scale Fees

There are CBT therapists who collect fee according to the ability of the patient to pay for the service. Under this scheme, the therapist arranges how much should be initially paid and how the remaining balance is paid. This usually works well for people who have established a reputation or is a friend to the therapist. But there are instances when the therapists offer the same scheme even to strangers, for as long as the payment scheme is clear and worth trusting.

Prescription Assistance

If the treatment of the OCD sufferer involves the use of medication, and the prescribed medicines are very expensive to maintain, you might want to resort to prescription assistance hotlines supported by the government and some Non-governmental Organizations who specializes on OCD. Look up for the contact numbers of these hotlines through your local telephone directly to contact them, or you may want to visit them in their online homepages, they are easy to find. The use of generic drugs as the alternative is also a wise move. Generic drugs are the unbranded versions of the same drugs having the same active ingredient. Also contact pharmacies if they can give you huge discounts when you order in advance or if you order at least a couple of months worth of supply from them.

Holistic / Meditative treatments for anxiety – 5 Guaranteed Ways to Prevent Your Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Exercise: Exercise is something everyone should be doing on a regular basis, but for people with anxiety disorders exercising should be done more often, to help relieve yourself from tension and stress. Exercising also helps your body to produce chemicals that help you feel calmer and more relaxed. You can do aerobics, swimming, tennis, running, bicycling etc. This will help boost energy and lower your anxiety levels.

Aromatherapy: Not many people consider aromatherapy lately but it has proven to be an effective treatment for anxiety. By associating certain emotions to the smell of fragrances we can instill ourselves positive thoughts and feelings. Aromatherapy can be practiced in two different ways and the main ones are by inhaling aromatic vapors or aromatic baths. The most popular herbs that are recommended in anxiety are Cloves, Juniper, Lavender, Peppermint, and Chamomile.

Meditation: Meditation promotes a calmness that will give you a sense of control and it also increases your confidence and self-esteem. Concentrate on breathing slowly and deeply at all times. If you have a sedentary job make sure to adopt a correct position at your desk. Gaining control over your breathing is a big step towards fighting anxiety disorders. Try starting off with meditating for 20 minutes per day and gradually work up to 1 hour of meditation and you will soon notice results.

A really excellent aid which we’ll talk about more in another article is the: “Muse: Brain Sensing Headband”

Vitamins: It is said that one major factor that contributes to anxiety is a lack of Vitamin B Complex. Taking Vitamins B1, B2, B6, B9 and B12 will help to prevent anxiety and they can also help you in your way to complete recovery. The B complex can also help you to strengthen your immune system, increase energy and reduce stress.  Magnesium is another essential vitamin that can help aid in naturally calming the mind.  Omega 3’s like fish oil or flax seed are also essential in aiding recovery. Also, know that not all vitamin’s are created equally. Some may show off a good mix or high percentages while the type of vitamins they use are of low quality that don’t really do much of anything for you.  Getting vitamins from good whole sources and chelated easily absorable vitamin complexes should be considered.

Supplements:  There are several supplements in addition to vitamins known to reduce OCD symptoms without the need for an OCD Treatment Center.  Here’s a few that some have claimed to show reduced OCD like systems and provide more of a calm and clear mental facility.  Gaba, Inositol, 5-HTTP, Tryptophan, Theanine, Ashwagandha, St. Johns Wart.  I’d advise doing further research online before taking these with other medications.


Diet: Even if you won’t believe it, diet is very closely related to anxiety. The food that we eat can influence our moods. There are certain foods that can help prevent anxiety and instill calmness such as fruits, vegetables, chicken, fish, whole grains, and nuts. Apart from these, there are several elements in your diet that can make you more nervous and increase your anxiety levels such as coke, coffee, chocolate, salt, sugar, dairy products, pork meat and most processed foods. Make sure to avoid these at any cost. If you happen to be a smoker, at least try to reduce the number of cigarettes that you smoke each day. Coffee and tobacco are known to increase anxiety and the risk of having panic attacks.

One great healthy option would be to try a natural juicing cleanse for anxiety.

These are just a small part of all the existing treatments for anxiety.  In addition to OCD Treatment Centers, there are really a lot of other natural and holistic options to explore on your road to peace and calm.

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OCD treatment centers are littered all around the world. It can be difficult to determine what to look for when picking an OCD treatment center. There is quite the mix of both good and bad centers. I have spoken with many people personally who have gone to these places and I can tell you only what they told me. They only got to see the doctors a few times if at all and they were immediately put on medication. Don't get me wrong, there are a number of centers that offer a range of techniques, but we should be aware…

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