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How to stop panic attacks - Panic Away Program
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“Panic Away” – How to Stop A Panic Attack

Introduction – “Panic Away” How to Stop A Panic Attack

Want to know one of the best ways of How to Stop a Panic Attack?  In one way or the other, individuals often experience panic and anxiety which can dramatically effect their thoughts, mood and behavior. People experiencing anxiety often feel uncomfortable and unsettled in whatever they do. By any standard, it can be observed that panic is not good for the well-being of any individual. What measures then can be taken to help people to relieve panic and anxiety and stop their panic attacks?

Panic Away – A Natural Remedy for Panic Attacks

Whilst there are different methods that can be used to address panic and anxiety problems, a review of Barry McDonagh’s “Panic Away” program shows that natural remedy is the best solution. This effectively means that panic disorders can be solved through natural means without using any medication. But how can this be possible? The following is a detailed account of different steps and measures that can be taken by people experiencing anxiety to decisively deal with it once and for all.

What is Panic?

Panic can be described as an absolute fear that is so powerful and overwhelming such that it leads to anxiety or irrational behavior. A person who is experiencing anxiety as a result of a panic disorder behaves in a very unsettled, uncomfortable way. Panic can be caused by certain observable aspects but in some cases, these may not be seen by a naked eye.

Fear of the unknown

Panic is often associated with “fear of the unknown.”  When someone is stricken with panic, they are not in the present moment – no matter how hard they try their mind is either in the past or future.  Often, the harder they try to create relief, they only enforce and strengthen the feeling of panic and anxiety.

Individuals effected by Anxiety or Panic Attacks often display uncontrollably irrational behavior tied into feelings of constant fear.  They are commonly skeptical – of either things around them or specific things associated with their own Panic. Likewise, panic can spread to other groups of people especially if it is caused by observable things that are also capable of having the same impact on these individuals.

Group Panic

For instance, panic in groups is often triggered by elements such as financial crisis or unexpected outbreak of diseases that can pose a major threat to the welfare of the people. These are wider spread observable instances, but panic by one person among friends can often be picked up and felt by others in that group as well. As a result of this, people often feel at loss and they experience anxiety which causes irrational behavior among them.

Such a scenario is not good to the physical as well as psychological well-being of the individual/s affected. The problem of how to stop panic attacks really needs to be solved since it can be so alarming and penetrating deep into the persons psyche and feelings.

Barry McDonagh’s Anti-Anxiety and Panic Relief Program

Since its inception, “Panic Away” has proved to be a very effective strategy for treating panic disorder today. Every person is bound to be attacked by panic disorder somehow and its negative impacts are widespread. Ever wonder how to stop a panic attack before it occurs, as it’s occurring, and permanently end any re-occurrence?  Read on…

Face the reality of Panic – Become Aware!

The first thing that should be understood by people in order for them to deal with panic is that it is real and they cannot easily escape from it once they are experiencing it. In other words, people are advised to face reality and accept the situation as it is. A person experiencing anxiety is fully aware of his or her condition but may be greatly terrified to deal with the problem. People experiencing panic disorders feel so vulnerable such that they cannot think properly.

However, becoming aware and initially accepting reality is the first basic grounds step that needs to be taken. Click here to read an excellent short article on relieving panic attacks naturally with our AWARE method for a clear and concise method for Panic Attack Help. Anxiety is simply state of the mind that may be experiencing fear but this does not spell the end of life. Accepting reality also helps individuals to understand that anxiety is a passing phase if they stand firm and refuse to be engulfed by something that can be dealt with at an individual level.

Panic Away - How to Stop Panic Attacks

One Approach to Treating Anxiety

Having accepted that anxiety due to panic is real, then an individual is now in a better position to solve the problem. The way you approach anxiety is very important in dealing with it. For instance, Barry suggests that individuals do not need to take their feelings as their enemies in the fight against anxiety but they need to accept the situation as it is. Some people may want to take a head on approach in dealing with anxiety but this is likely to hit a snag. Anxiety cannot be treated like that. Instead, this approach can even aggravate the situation such that the person who has experienced panic disorder is exposed to more fear believing that this problem cannot be solved. Therefore, the best approach to solving the problem of anxiety is to treat it as real and create a feeling that it can be solved rather than believing that it is unconquerable.

Natural Remedies for Panic Attacks – Behavior Change

The other thing that should be understood by people in order to effectively deal with anxiety problems is that it is possible to solve it using natural means rather than using medication or other drugs. The simple reason is that anxiety will not go away through the use of drugs. Anxiety is a mental problem that is different from other physical problems that often require medication in the form of drugs in order to treat them. That being the case, individuals experiencing anxiety have a good starting point with regard to solving it.

The basic knowledge that anxiety does not require drugs is an eye opener and it is so enlightening that it encourages the affected people to take a positive approach towards addressing it. In this case, behavior change is the only medicine that can treat anxiety. According to Barry, behavior change is very effective in that it helps people to have different perceptions of the worldview around them. Where they use to think negatively, behavior change can help such individuals to positively change their insight. This is very important since it helps to solve various psychological problems that may be experienced by individuals suffering from anxiety. The bottom line is anxiety can be treated naturally without using any drug. This knowledge is the best “medicine” for treating anxiety among different people.

Panic Away - Natural Remedies for Panic Attacks

How to Prevent and Stop Panic Attacks

Whilst a panic attack may not be completely prevented, its severity can be mitigated. In one way of the other, people are exposed to conditions that can cause them to panic. Thus, they need to know that panic attacks are natural and they occur unexpectedly. This is something that cannot be avoided so people should not be terribly scared of events that can expose them to unprecedented panic attacks.

In the event that an individual has been exposed to a Panic-filled situation, they should view themselves as capable of dealing with the situation without the intervention of the other people. The main reason is that individuals are responsible for their mental state of mind and they know better about the measures they at times take to address issues that may affect them at any given time. The other thing that should be known by people who want to stop panic attacks is that this mental condition will weather just like a storm.

Practice Awareness of and Calming the Storm with MUSE

A quick note on the mental storming of the mind.  A product we use here called the muse might be a great aid in practice whethering this storm of mind.  We will create a full review of the product later, but essentially what it does is aid you with real-time EEG feedback into how calm your mind is currently.  Storms, Wind and Rainfall will go off while wearing the device as the mind becomes distracted, worried, or panic-strung, while calm soothing melodies of birds chirping will sound when we are able to calm the mind and focus on our breath.  All-and-all a very nice aid in helping to reduce Panic and Anxiety with a natural holistic Meditative approach.  Check it out here on Amazon if interested:

Muse - Calm Panic and Anxiety

Muse – Calm Panic and Anxiety

In other words, it does not remain permanent and this helps the individuals to remain focused and move forward with their lives. In other words, panic attack should be viewed as temporary and bound to pass anytime soon. Then why worry about something that will soon pass to create gap for new and better things to come in life.

Barry’s approach is specifically meant to create a positive feeling among individuals so that they can understand that their feelings are not their enemies which can stand in their way to block them from achieving what they want. In the same vein, it has to be noted that all individuals have specific goals in their lives and these can only be achieved if they have a positive attitude towards them. This goes along with steps that can be taken to solve the problem of anxiety. The affected people know that this feeling of anxiety is a stumbling block in their endeavors to pursue their dreams also calls for them to be positive in whatever they do. A positive approach to an identified problem is very important in creating confidence among the parties involved. People who are confident in whatever they do believe that the sky is the limit and they can achieve whatever they want no matter how challenging the situation may be. Therefore, confidence building approach can also play a very important role in mitigating the impacts of panic attacks.

Hope and Focus

On top of building confidence among themselves, individuals also need to have hope so that they can cope with anxiety. An effort whose foundation is solidly based in hope is likely to produce positive results. The main reason behind this assertion is that these individuals are focused and they remain convinced that they can achieve their desired goals in whatever they do. It has to be noted from the onset that optimism is a viable remedy of solving problems like anxiety. Once people have understood that this condition is temporary, they need to remain hopeful that they will be able to overcome it. There are some individuals who are always doubtful of everything and this is very dangerous since they may not be able to cope with panic attacks by virtue of fear of the unknown. This element of fear of the unknown needs to be removed from the individual’s mind since it affects

Panic Attack Help – Share!

Get help on how to stop a panic attack.  Individuals can get help from other people in the event that they have experienced panic attacks. Many of us hide the fact that we could use help with our symptoms of panic and anxiety for fear of judgment or ridicule.  This only leads to a vicious cycle recreating and strengthening the need for panic attack help in the first place.  Share!  There are many support groups online or available to find in person of individuals with similar problems.  Here’s one on Reddit:  Anxiety Disorders and Panic Help on Reddit. Naturally, human beings help each other in different forms and the same can also be applied to situations involving anxiety. In order to get panic attack help, you can share your problems with other individuals going through the same thing or close friends and family.  You may realize that we all have at least a little panic or anxiety, and perhaps it may relieve it a little in knowing this.  If not, still these support groups can provide answers and solutions that have helped for them. As the adage goes, “a problem shared is a problem solved.” By virtue of sharing your problems with other people, there are likely chances that you will get constructive ideas on how to stop a panic attack or relieve anxiety that can help you solve your own problems. In most cases, people learn from each other and this can be achieved through knowledge sharing.

Sharing Problems and Concerns

The other important aspect is that the notion of sharing problems with other people is just an eye opener. In the process, one would realize that other people have also experienced similar or even bigger problems than theirs but still managed to maneuver. This gives the affected person confidence and hope that they too can manage to overcome the problem if other people can do it alone. In the process, they can also realize that their problems are minor compared to the challenges that have been experienced by others. This experience gives the affected persons hope that they are not the only ones who have come across such predicaments that may appear to be very difficult to solve in the first instance. Other people can also help you to build confidence in yourself if you share your problems with them.

Above all, it can be seen that panic attack is inevitable and it can lead to anxiety if the problem has not been resolved. It has been observed that among different methods of solving anxiety, Barry McDonagh’s “Panic Away” Program is viewed as one of the very most effective in dealing with the problem. The program outlines a step by step approach that can be taken by individuals to solve the problems of anxiety that may be affecting their well-being. Anxiety as a mental condition often affects and can overtake the behavior of individuals so that they are not their inherent selves. This lack of calm takes us away from our friends, family, and those things close to us and wreaks havoc on our psyche.  Why let this continue?  Different steps suggested by Barry can significantly impact and completely remove the problem of anxiety that drain our well-being and freedom to live well. Most importantly, Panic Attacks and anxiety can be treated naturally without using any medication or drugs with this system. This makes it relatively easy to address the problem since there are no expenses involved in the form of charges for various medical processes while we eliminate other various drug-induced temporary band-aids and fix the real problem!  Are you ready to be calm, clear, cool and collected.  Learn how to Stop Panic Attacks and Free yourself from Anxiety forever!

For additional information below on Panic Away and How to Stop A Panic Attack Click:

Download Panic Away - How to Stop a Panic Attack and Anxiety

Panic Away – How to Stop a Panic Attack

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